These Apple Accessories Cost More Than They Should

Individuals frequently whine that Apple’s items are excessively costly, however they’re typically discussing Macs and iPhones, which are really around similar cost as contenders. With regards to adornments, however, Apple’s estimating is absolutely silly.

Apple’s embellishment evaluating falls immovably in the “charge whatever we can pull off” school. The costs are everywhere. At the point when iPad cases cost equivalent to savvy speakers, or a screen stand is way, way more costly than a genuine Mac, you realize things are odd. How about we investigate Apple’s most crazy valuing decisions.

Macintoshes Sense

First—since we’ll contrast them and the opposition—a word on the costs of Apple’s items, the Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Analyze, say, the MacBook Air to comparable models from different brands, and it really falls off decently evaluated, or even modest. It isn’t so much that Macs are costly for what they are. It’s simply that Apple doesn’t make opponents to less expensive PCs. The product offering begins at $999, and you get something almost identical to a $999 Dell.

Thus, for the motivations behind this article, we’re expecting that Apple’s real PC costs are reasonable. Presently, the franticness starts.

Macintosh Madness

We should begin with the Mac. The spic and span begins at $699. In the mean time, the Pro Stand for Apple’s Pro XDR show costs $999. That is an amazing for a screen stand. And keeping in mind that we’re on the Pro XDR, think about what amount the overhaul from standard glossy glass to “nano-surface” (matte) glass will cost? Another $1,000. Indeed, it’s more than that, since you get no kudos for the standard glass that it replaces.

Case Closed

The HomePod small is $99. You know what else is $99? The . That is a plain plastic case, without a console or some other extravagant stunts.

Indeed, even Apple’s own portrayal shows how insane this cost is, saying that it “is developed from a solitary piece of polyurethane to ensure the front and back of your gadget” [emphasis added]. A sheet of polyurethane, in addition to a couple of magnets. The best part is, a similar case cost around 30% more when it initially came out.


A case for $99. Entertaining. In any case, imagine a scenario in which we revealed to you that there’s an iPhone case that expenses significantly more. The , accessible in scaled down and max sizes, comes in at… $129. That is a cowhide sleeve with a chain, a sleeve that you need to eliminate your iPhone from before you can utilize it.

What about this one. The for the iPad Pro is $349. What amount do you think an iPad costs? The fundamental model is $329. Presently, the console/trackpad truly is an astounding doohickey, and it changes the iPad Pro, however it costs as much as a little PC.


At long last, shouldn’t something be said about wheels? The Mac Pro is accessible with feet as standard, however you can select to get it with wheels, which will cost you an extra $400 at the hour of procurement, or $699 .

Did you determine wheels, and presently you need to “downsize” to ordinary feet? That is $299. They’re decent feet, produced using hardened steel and all, however $299? In any case, essentially they accompany a hex key to introduce them, IKEA-style.

It’s difficult to shake the inclination that Apple is triumphing when it’s all said and done here. The Mac and iPhone costs are dependent upon a lot of press examination, and are certainly adjusted to the only remaining dollar to make them as alluring as could be expected, while likewise making however much benefit as could be expected.

There’s a breaking point to what Apple can pull off. Yet, with the embellishments, it seems like what happens next is anyone’s guess. Except if your bet is for each Apple-marked assistant to cost far more than you anticipate that it should.



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