The 8 Best Free Web Hosting Providers of 2021

The 8 Best Free Web Hosting Providers of 2021

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.Our Top Picks

Best Overall: InfinityFree

“You get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, 10 email accounts, free SSL and Cloudflare, and more.”

Best Website Builder: Wix

“For most users, especially beginners, the features provided by Wix are more than enough.”

Best for Unlimited Storage Capacity: x10 Hosting

“Includes great uptime records, server response times and loading speeds, all for free.”

Best for Unlimited Bandwidth: Weebly

“Lots of professional looking templates to choose from and edit when building your website.”

Best Linux Web Hosting: Freehostia

“Offers dedicated servers and VPS hosting, which makes their paid plans pretty attractive.”

Best for Technical Website Owners: FreeWebHostingArea

“This web hosting service is for a technical person who’s bored of website builders.”

Best for Bloggers: WordPress

“A great starting point for small businesses and heavy bloggers, with many bells and whistles for free.”

Best Professional Free Web Hosting: FreeHostingEU

“Offers 4GB bandwidth, 200MB of disk storage, five free domains, and one e-mail account.”Read our web hosting methodology to see how we tested each service. 

Best Overall: Infinityfree

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They say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there actually is such a thing as a free web host. We’ve actually found quite a few of them for you, but most suffer from one kind of drawback or another. Our top pick for the best overall free web host is InfinityFree because they offer an excellent level of service, full control over your site, and some surprising extras.

The most important factor about InfinityFree is that it’s a truly free web host. It isn’t an introductory plan, and they provide some stats that are more impressive than some paid hosts we’ve seen. You get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, 10 email accounts, free SSL and Cloudflare, and more.

Despite being totally free, InfinityFree even comes with the Softaculous Script Installer. This one-click installer gives you almost instant access to over 400 applications, including WordPress, several bulletin board systems, alternate content management systems like Drupal, and more.

The biggest drawback with InfinityFree is that they run advertisements in your control panel. They don’t run advertisements on your actual website, which you have total control over, but being forced to scroll past ads in the control panel is a bit of an annoyance.

Best Website Builder: Wix

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Wix is our pick for the best website builder from a free web host, because building websites is what Wix is all about. It’s really more of a hosted site builder than true web hosting, and the free option allows you to prototype your site and get it online very fast.

Wix is perfect for beginners because of the highly intuitive nature of their drag and drop website builder. You definitely won’t have to pull your hair out over not having any coding skills. You also get 500MB bandwidth, 500MB disk storage space, a free subdomain, and a free e-mail account.

Wix is extremely user-friendly. You don’t have to know the first thing about websites or hosting to build your website with this service. The whole drag and drop process is really easy. Just choose a category for your website, choose a template, and then edit it to your satisfaction.

You also get other tools with Wix, including SEO tools, which you can easily configure to your website to help you stand out on the internet and also to speed everything up.

The major downside is in the technicalities. Wix isn’t really a web hosting service. It’s more like a website builder that just so happens to also host your website. The bandwidth and storage are both very limited. If you need more, you’ll need to pay for it.

You’ll also need to pay to get rid of the part of your domain. If you want a super professional site, then you’re probably better off looking elsewhere. However, for most users, especially beginners, the features provided by Wix are more than enough.Wix Review 

Best for Unlimited Storage Capacity: x10 Hosting

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X10 Hosting is a long-standing veteran of the web hosting game that can get you online for free. In fact, x10 aims to be a full web hosting suite, giving you lots of goodies, including free web hosting with cPanel, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, one-click installations, MySQL, and PHP.

The overall experience includes great uptime records, server response times and loading speeds, all for free. It’s a good deal all around, and a great option if your site is too big to work in a limited environment. 

The one issue is that x10 reserves the right to suspend your website if they determine that your usage is too high. While they do offer unlimited bandwidth and storage, the fact is that your site is running on a shared server, and runaway resource usage can have an adverse impact on your neighbors.

Play nice, and you can enjoy your unlimited storage and bandwidth. Create problems, like serving up massive files that aren’t part of a webpage, and x10 may show you the door.

Best for Unlimited Bandwidth: Weebly

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Weebly is another well-known website builder that also offers website hosting services, and they provide a pretty great free option. Unlike Wix, you actually get unlimited bandwidth from Weebly without having to pay anything. You also get lots of professional looking templates to choose from and edit when building your website.

There are a few downsides to the Weebly hosting service. You won’t get an e-mail account, you won’t get e-commerce features, and you’re forced to use a Weebly subdomain instead of your own domain.

Weebly does allow you to choose from lots of free templates to edit as you please. If you do have some coding skills, feel free to add some HTML and CSS to make your website even more unique. 

Weebly is great for both beginners and experts and doesn’t serve any ads on the free hosting service. However, you will have to settle for far fewer goodies than you would normally get with other free web hosting services. If you want more, you will have to upgrade to one of the paid plans.

Best Linux Web Hosting: Freehostia

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Freehostia is our top pick for free Linux web hosting due to the fantastic suite of extras they provide. When you choose this free hosting option, you get the option to host up to five domains, create three email accounts, and even access a one-click installer for software like Joomla, WordPress, and many others.

The free plan from Freehostia includes 6GB bandwidth per month, 250MB disk storage space, a 500KB limit to file sizes, 10MB MySQL storage space, and hosting for up to five domains. These limits are a bit more constraining than we’d like to see, but they’re enough for most basic sites.

One nice touch with Freehostia is that they provide you with a free SSL certificate. With this in place, your website’s URL will start with “https” and your website will be super secure. They also have customer service personnel available 24/7, though you will have to wait about an hour on average before your support ticket gets responded to.

Freehostia also offers dedicated servers and VPS hosting, making it easy to upgrade if the free option no longer meets your needs. The only downside of this is that they have a single data center in Chicago, USA.

Best for Technical Website Owners:

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The name is quite long, but so is the duration of their experience. These guys have been around for nearly 15 years in the web hosting industry. On the whole, however, they’re more geared to serving the more technical website owners. They use technologies like Maria DB, PHP 7.1, and Apache 2.4, so they’re certainly not for the faint-hearted. 

On the plus side, their web hosting service guarantees 99.8 percent uptime, backups on a daily and weekly basis, depending on your preference, and access to the control panel, FTP support, and MySQL databases. Not bad for a free hosting service.

The service is run by volunteers, though their humble request is that, if you enjoy their service, you should consider upgrading to the paid version.

This web hosting service is definitely aimed at technically-minded users who have no use for website builders or one-click installs. If you’re looking for a free web host that gives you a lot of freedom, check it out.

Best for Bloggers and Small Business Owners:

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There are two versions of WordPress. There is, which is an open-source website builder that requires you to host your website separately, and there is, which is both a website builder and a hosting service that hosts your website for free. If you’re looking for a free blogging host, then is our top recommendation.

While WordPress is very popular, it’s not necessarily more intuitive than tools like Weebly and Wix, which are simply drag-and-drop. What it does have over those tools is that it is far more powerful. Even with a free service like, you still have thousands of themes and templates to choose from, and your customization options are practically endless. 

With, you will get 3GB of disk storage, 3GB of bandwidth, a subdomain, lots of themes to choose from, and a free e-mail account. 

For those reasons, WordPress is a great starting point if you’re looking to set up a blog without paying anything upfront. You can always upgrade to the paid version later, where plans start from $4 per month, or even migrate to another WordPress host.

Best Professional Free Web Hosting: FreeHostingEU

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Our top pick for professionals is FreeHostingEU, which offers 4GB bandwidth, 200MB of disk storage, five free domains, and one e-mail account. That’s not enough to build out a massive site, but it is everything a professional needs to set up their online resume or portfolio and create a custom email address. 

With FreeHostingEU, you also get to choose from one of three website builders, one-click installation for lots of things like Joomla and WordPress, CGI, MySQL, PHP, and many other languages. When you take that into account, this free plan is actually pretty professional. 

The biggest issue with this service is that their support forums aren’t functional anymore, so you won’t be getting any support there. You can, however, read their FAQs or try to contact them via social media.  

If you do roll the dice with this bare-bones service, just make sure to back up your site. In the event of any issue that you can’t solve on your own, you can always just migrate to one of the other fantastic free web hosts that we’ve highlighted here.

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