Samsung Drops Three New Windows-Powered Galaxy Book Laptops

Samsung is leaning hard into the pandemic, positioning three new laptop models as flexible, multi-purpose communication, media, and work devices.

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex.

Samsung to meet the needs of those of us staying at home. This new Galaxy Book line includes the Flex, the Flex Alpha, and the Ion, each positioned at a unique price and feature point.

The specs: All the Galaxy Books have a QLED screen with a 600-nit brightness aimed at working outside, and a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. They all also have a hinge that will convert the device from laptop to tablet.

Galaxy Book Flex: This is the , with a 10th generation Intel Core i7, wireless PowerShare, a 19 or 20 hour battery, and an S-Pen. It’s got Wi-Fi 6, two 3 ports, and one , and comes in both 15- and 13-inch models. It starts at $899 for the 13.3-inch model, with the larger screen coming in at $50 more, starting at $949.

Galaxy Book Flex Alpha.

Galaxy Book Flex Alpha: The alpha comes in both i5 and i7 flavors, wrapped in a Royal Silver finish. It’s got a smaller battery than it’s bigger sibling, which Samsung claims is still good for 18.5 hours of use. This Galaxy Book doesn’t have PowerShare, either. for 8 GB of , with 12 GB available for $50 more.

Galaxy Book Ion.

Galaxy Book Ion: This middle option comes with some of the higher-end features of the Flex, like two screen sizes, the AKG stereo speakers, the bigger battery, and wireless PowerShare, but forgoes the Intel Iris Graphics and S-Pen. It replaces one of the Thunderbird ports for an , which will help when you want to watch video on the big screen. The Ion is made with “ultralight magnesium,” which allows it to come in at a lighter weight than the Flex. It’s colored “Aura Silver,” too. The for the 13-inch model and $849 for the larger 15-inch screen.

When? All three models are available to order today on

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