Samsung may shut down Galaxy Note series

Samsung could schedule a major change to its handset approach in 2021. As a new review suggests, Samsung may ditch the well-known Galaxy Note line in favor of a foldable phone with a pointer.

The issue, it appears, is that the Note series isn’t just about as mainstream as it used to be. The pointer usefulness could remain, however, as a component of the impending third-gen Samsung foldable telephone. ,The Galaxy Note series dispatched in 2011, and it appeared incredibly senseless right away. Who might need a telephone with a humungous 5.3-inch screen? It turns out Samsung had a hit on its hands. It has delivered a Galaxy Note each year since, and just one of them has shown an affinity to detonate. Indeed, even the Note 7 flames didn’t prevent individuals from purchasing these telephones.

Nonetheless, reports currently guarantee Samsung was baffled with deals of the Note20 and Note20 Ultra. The organization is supposedly considering finishing the Note line and zeroing in on pointer highlights for the Z Fold line. This bodes well on a superficial level — the Z Fold3 will have much more screen land to make a S Pen valuable, and it will overlay like a genuine journal, which will be a pleasant bit of skeuomorphism.

The Note series has been a demonstrated champ for Samsung, and any idea that Samsung is settling on this choice impromptu strikes me as unlikely — there’s a ton of designing work that requirements to occur before you can add a S Pen to the Fold. At present, foldable screens are made of delicate plastic. Indeed, even Samsung’s boards with super flimsy glass (UTG) have a plastic layer on top that is gentler than human fingernails.

Wounding it with a pointer of any kind would very quickly obliterate the screen, so Samsung would have to concoct a tremendously worked on foldable showcase to make this serviceable.

So if the Fold pointer occurs, this was likely on the guide for quite a while. Regardless of whether Samsung kills the Note is another matter. I guess it relies upon how terrible Note20 deals have been and how much that can be faulted on the profane MSRP of $1,300 for the Note20 Ultra. Samsung likewise got cooked in mid 2020 for selling the S20 Ultra for $1,400, and that telephone has sold inadequately apparently.

The Galaxy Z Fold2 costs $2,000, and there’s zero excuse to expect adding a S Pen to the loadout would make it any less expensive. On the other side, the Galaxy S20 FE is a simple $700, and it’s getting generally excellent audits.



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