How to Make a USB Security Key for Your PC or Mac

This article discloses how to make a USB security key for the two Windows and Mac PCs (you can utilize pretty much any USB drive.)

Step by step instructions to Create a USB Security Key For Windows

Assuming you need to get a Windows 10 PC, you have a great deal of choices. We’ll tell you the best way to utilize USB Raptor, since it’s free, yet there are additionally various paid applications that do exactly the same thing in the event that you favor approaching broad client support in the event that something at any point turns out badly. Some paid applications, as Rohos Logon Key, work on the two Windows and Mac.

Here’s the means by which to make a USB security key utilizing USB Raptor:

Explore to the USB Raptor project on SourceForge and snap Download.

  1. Save the USB Raptor software to your computer.

  2. Unzip the USB Raptor archive to the location of your choosing, and run the USB Raptor application.

  3. Read the terms of service, indicate that you have read it, and click I agree to proceed.

  4. Type a password into the encryption field.

  5. Select the USB drive you will use for your key, and click Create k3y file.

  6. Click the check box next to Enable USB Raptor.

  7. Click the Advanced configuration check box in the upper right corner of the app.

    At this point, your computer will lock if you remove the USB key. However, it will not be protected the next time you start your computer unless you complete the next step.

  8. Under the general settings tab, click the check boxes next to the following:

    • Run USB Raptor at Windows startup
    • Start in system tray
    • USB Raptor always starts armed

    There are a great deal of helpful settings in USB Raptor, however these are the only ones needed to make it work naturally.

    Snap Minimize to plate.

    The following time you turn your PC on and sign in, USB Raptor will dispatch. In the event that the USB key isn’t set up around then, the PC will lock until you embed the key.

    Step by step instructions to Make a USB Key For Your Mac

    There is no free USB security key application for macOS like there is intended for Windows, however there are various alternatives that give a free preliminary. Rohos Logon Key is one choice that is accessible for the two Windows and Mac, and it has a free preliminary, so you might need to give it a shot on the off chance that you use Macs solely or then again in the event that you utilize a blend of Macs and Windows PCs.

    Dissimilar to USB Raptor for Windows, Rohos Logon Key for Mac adds an extra layer of assurance. At the point when you don’t have the key introduced, it really is preposterous to expect to sign in at all regardless of whether somebody has your secret word. That makes Rohos Logon Key for Mac a bit safer.

    Here’s the means by which to make a USB security key for Mac utilizing Rohos Logon Key:

    Explore to the Rohos Logon Key for Mac webpage and snap Download.

  9. Navigate to your Downloads folder (or wherever you have your downloads saved) and unzip the files. Click the RohosLogon installer.

  10. Click Continue.

  11. Click Continue > Agree.

  12. Select Install for all users of this computer, then click Continue.

  13. Click Install.

  14. Enter your user name and password if prompted, and click Install Software.

  15. Click Close.

  16. Connect a USB drive to your Mac.

  17. Open Rohos Logon Key, and click USB Drive.

  18. Select the USB drive you want to use, and click OK.

  19. Select Lock the desktop from the dropdown box.

Rohos Logon Key will currently ensure your Mac when the USB drive isn’t associated.

Why Use a USB Security Key?

Solid passwords go far toward getting our PCs and online records, yet they can’t bear upping against keyloggers and different assaults. At the point when you set your PC up to utilize a USB security key, you guarantee that no one will actually want to get to it without the key.

The drawback of utilizing a USB security key is that you’ll likewise be locked out of your PC on the off chance that you lose it. Some USB security key applications permit you to leave the choice of contributing a secret phrase set up to sidestep the key, in which case they key is to a greater extent a comfort and to a lesser degree a safety effort.

How Do USB Security Keys Work?

To set up a USB security key, you need a USB drive and a USB security key application. You introduce the application on your PC, set it up, and afterward use it to make your USB security key. At whatever point your PC is on, the application continually examines your USB ports for a gadget that contains a particular encoded document. In the event that that record isn’t found, the PC is secured until you embed the USB security key that contains the document.

There is a short snapshot of weakness with some USB security key applications when you first turn your PC on and sign in. In the event that somebody has your secret word, yet not your USB security key, they will actually want to sign in and have a couple of seconds to view and access your documents before the USB security key programming dispatches and gets your PC.

Furthermore, anybody with admittance to your PC can set the USB security key programming to not dispatch when your PC fires up. In light of that, keep up with secret key mystery and lock your PC by eliminating the USB security key at whatever point you pull back from it.

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