Get Quicker Access to Grammarly in Google Docs

We all can use some help when writing, and Grammarly has just made it easier to use in Google Docs.


If you do any kind of writing, you know that Grammarly can be a life-saver. The online grammar and spell checking service arrived for Google Docs back in 2018, but it’s just been updated with an expanded range of suggestions and a new sidebar to make seeing those options easier.

How it works: Once you install the Grammarly plugin for Chrome and drop into Google Docs, you’ll see the new sidebar. Just click the red number or green G in the lower-right corner of your screen to activate it.

Premium features: The free version of Grammarly will give you suggestions on grammar, spelling, and punctuation, along with suggestions on conciseness and tone. A paid subscription adds even more, including help with readability, vocabulary, sentence variety, confident language use, and more.

But wait, there’s more: In addition to the new Google Docs sidebar, Grammarly has also added a new Goals panel, which will help you aim for specific details in your writing, like audience, formality, type of writing (business, casual, email, and more), and tone.


Bottom line: If you use Grammarly in Google Docs, the new sidebar and Goals panel should help take your writing from good to great with much less effort. The feature is rolling out to all users over the next week or so, so be on the lookout if you don’t already have it.

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