Get Help With Anxiety From Google and NAMI

If you’re one of the 48 million U.S. adults affected by anxiety, Google’s new partnership with National Alliance on Mental Illness will try and help you with an assessment test and resources.


According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), more than 19 percent (40 million) of U.S. adults (and 7 percent of U.S. children) live with anxiety. Google has teamed up with the organization to help provide all of us with an anxiety assessment and resources when we search for information about this mental health issue.

How it works: When you search for information about anxiety, you’ll see a little button that will let you access a clinically-validated questionnaire (the GAD-7) in the Knowledge box on the page of search results. You’ll also see some medically-accurate information about anxiety, like symptoms and common treatments for the disorder.

What it does: There are seven questions, and any answers you provide will be kept private and secure: Google promises not to collect or share anything from the questionnaire. The GAD-7, says NAMI CEO Daniel H. Gillison, Jr., helps you understand how your self-reported symptoms connect to common anxiety levels of other people who have taken the assessment. Once finished, you’ll get access to resources created by NAMI to learn more about the disorder and how to get help.

Bottom line: Mental health is an important part of our total health; anything that can let us understand and treat our issues early and often will only help improve outcomes. As Gillison says, “By providing access to authoritative information, and the resources and tools to learn more about anxiety, we hope to empower more people to take action and seek help.”

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