Adobe Fresco Makes Painting on the iPhone Way Easy

Assuming you need to paint on your iPad or iPhone, Adobe Fresco offers an uncannily practical encounter. It’s additionally—like Adobe’s incredible Lightroom for iPad—truly simple to utilize.

Fresco as of late came out on the iPhone, and Lifewire addressed Adobe’s Bryan O’Neil Hughes and Kyle Webster through video talk to discover more about the application and about painting on a glass screen.

“We accept that the iPad is the best spot to do drawing and painting,” said O’Neil Hughes, “yet it’s not the gadget you have with you all day long. That is the telephone.”

Painting With Light

“Painting” on a screen is an odd encounter for anybody used to real oil, acrylic, or watercolor. For a beginning, there’s no surface or criticism. The material doesn’t yield, and cleaning oil with a squat, worn pigs hair brush feels equivalent to allowing watercolor to move from smooth sable. Be that as it may, all the more significantly, a work of art on material or paper mirrors light, while a canvas on an iPad produces light.

English painter and photographic artist David Hockney, who is accustomed to taking advantage of new innovation (he has even utilized a fax machine to make pictures), was an early adopter of virtual paint applications.

“It’s an exceptionally new medium,” he said in a meeting during a 2013 presentation.

“On the iPad I can get the light rapidly,” he all the more as of late revealed to The Spectator magazine in April, “a lot quicker than watercolor.”

First Run

At the point when you first dispatch Fresco, a pencil is as of now chose, so you can simply begin drawing. The vibe is uncannily quick, and there isn’t a lot of slack between the Apple Pencil and the line on screen. The application utilizes Apple’s Metal designs system, bringing about a dormancy like that of Apple’s own Notes application, which is the hero in such manner.

We will not get profound into highlights, yet there are a couple of things worth nothing. One is that you can stack an interminable number of custom brushes, which you can make in Photoshop, then, at that point simply sync across. You can likewise open any of your Fresco works of art or Sketches in Photoshop, alter them, then, at that point “full circle” them back to Fresco, with the new Photoshop alters included. On the off chance that something from one application isn’t viable with the other, it will be frozen, yet noticeable, until you switch back.


Another is that the application is keen, which assists with its two sorts of brushes: vector brushes and pixel brushes. A pixel brush is the thing that you think it is. It sets down colors onto the virtual material, similar as all composition applications.

A vector brush is unique. The application records the size and heading of your stroke, and delivers the brush stroke, however it stays “live,” so you can return whenever and move the stroke, abbreviate it, extend it, or do whatever else you’d like. This is the manner by which applications like Adobe’s Illustrator work. In Fresco, in the event that you attempt to paint one sort of brush on top of another, it consequently makes another layer. What’s more, about those brushes…

Paint Engine

Having attempted both Fresco and its primary adversary Procreate, I can say that the brushes in Fresco are great.

“On the off chance that you haven’t seen the watercolors in Fresco in real life, when you paint, the paint really continues on the screen,” says Webster, Adobe’s senior plan evangelist. “What’s more, that genuine wet media impacts as the paint is mixing, it stays wet consistently until you conclude that it ought to be dry.”


It’s a little odd seeing the paint keep on spreading subsequent to laying it down, yet assuming you’re utilized to watercolors, you’ll before long feel at ease. You can likewise make brushes from your own photos, and paint them onto the screen as surfaces.

“A model that I like to utilize is trees,” says Webster. “I snapped a picture of a tree in my front yard and I just captured the bark. Furthermore, presently I can begin painting with it. The tree husk is pressure touchy. I can resize it up to 1,000 pixels, and it’s a full RGB brush.”

Eventually, painting is about feel. Fresco feels better, however maybe Procreate feels better to you. Fortunately Fresco is free, so it’s not difficult to test. It’s quite flawless having an entire composition pack in your pocket.

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