Why It’s ‘Time to Walk’ With Your Apple Watch

Key Takeaways Time to Walk appears to be a new feature coming in iOS 14.4. New workouts are delivered automatically to your Apple Watch. Guided walking workouts use augmented reality to help get more out of your walks. Apple Apple […]

How YSL Wants to Color Coordinate Your Lipstick

Key Takeaways YSL’s Rouge Sur Mesure is currently only available to beta testers—for $299. Replaceable cartridges let you swap color groups. The Rouge Sur Mesure app will analyze your outfit to mix a matching color. Perso This is the Yves […]

How AI Systems Mimic Human Creativity

Key Takeaways DALL·E is a new neural network that can draw images based on text. The network is one of a growing number of AI projects that can mimic human beings’ creative output. Experts say images drawn by AI are […]

Microsoft Abandons OS-Dependent Apps for the Web

Key Takeaways One Outlook will be the same on Mac, Windows, and the web. It will use Electron-like ‘web technologies’ to ‘inspire innovation.’ Microsoft abandoning OS-dependent apps is a big deal. GaudiLab / Getty Images Microsoft is turning Outlook into […]

Why Flash Is Probably Gone for Good

Key Takeaways Flash started out as a drawing program in 1993. Steve Jobs all but nailed the coffin shut with his 2010 “Thoughts on Flash” essay. Don’t despair. There are still plenty of ways to quickly drain your laptop’s battery. […]

Apple’s M1 Processor May Have Sped Up More Than Just Macs

Key Takeaways When Apple switched to Intel, it took Adobe and Microsoft years to update their apps. This time around, a Photoshop beta was ready on day one. Apple has been laying the groundwork for this transition for years. Apple […]

Why Police Are Training in Virtual Reality

Key Takeaways Police departments are turning to virtual reality to teach officers how to deal with mentally ill suspects. Police departments are coming under increasing scrutiny for how they deal with mentally ill people due to recent high-profile shooting incidents. […]

Berlin Startup Can Deliver Groceries in About 10 Minutes

Key Takeaways Gorillas is a German startup that delivers groceries by bike in just 10 minutes. Delivery cyclists are employees, not gig workers. Ultra-local deliveries are perfect for COVID lockdowns. miodrag ignjatovic / Getty Images Need a bulb of garlic […]

When App Stores Fight, You Might Win

Key Takeaways Cydia says in a new lawsuit that Apple’s control over the App Store is a monopoly. Users could see app prices dip if the Cydia lawsuit and others like it are successful. Apple is also being investigated by […]

Apple Fitness+ Could Be Your New Favorite Gym

Key Takeaways Apple Fitness+ is available now, and has a free trial for all Apple Watch owners. You don’t need any special gear unless you pick a workout like cycling or rowing. Fitness+ is only available in English-speaking countries. Apple […]