Has the iPhone 12 mini Been a Dud?

Key Takeaways Despite good reviews, reports show that the iPhone 12 mini isn’t selling as fast as previous generations. iPhone 12 sales appear to be strong, just not the mini. iPhone 12 mini battery life, storage and price point may […]

Will Galaxy S21 Phones Tempt Us with Cameras and Styluses?

Key Takeaways Samsung’s latest S21 phones won’t be officially announced until next week, but rumors of high-end specs are whetting my appetite. Leaked specifications suggest the phones will come in three different screen sizes and sport minor design tweaks. The […]

How Do Apple Cases Come Out So Fast?

Key Takeaways Case designers are often as in the dark as the customers. WaterField Designs does everything locally in San Francisco. Crowdsourcing can help with design, and gathering intel. Waterfield Designs  Whenever Apple launches a new product, it takes about […]

How the iPhone is Like the Leica of Today

Key Takeaways Rumors say Leica will sell a “cheap” M-series film camera this year. The iPhone is the spiritual successor to the original Leica I. Leicas are now so expensive that they’re pretty much just jewelry for nerds. Apple In […]

Your Smartphone Camera Could Diagnose COVID

Key Takeaways A new test for the virus that causes COVID-19 could make its way to smartphones. Researchers say the new test is quicker than others on the market and could help keep the pandemic under control. The test uses […]

How Apple’s ProRAW Gives You More Control

Key Takeaways ProRAW breaks out all the iPhone camera’s amazing abilities into a modular, editable file.  ProRAW photos are 25MB, around 10x the size of a regular iPhone photo. Apple’s ProRAW files are DNG files, an open standard. d3sign / […]

Why Google’s New App Is A Gamechanger For Speech Therapy Patients

Key Takeaways Google’s new Look to Speak app aims to help people with speech and motor impairments communicate in alternative ways.  The app allows for better accessibility and more flexibility for communication. Experts say the app won’t replace other AAC […]

New Gadget Claims to Protect Your Phone Battery

Key Takeaways The Canal Battery Guard is a new device that claims to extend the life of your phone battery by minimizing overheating. The Canal Battery Guard gadget plugs in between a standard charging brick and a USB charging cable. […]

Is the iPhone Waterproof or Not?

Key Takeaways Italian fair-competition body AGCM fine Apple $12 million for misleading customers about iPhone water resistance. Apple claims the iPhone is safe down to 20 feet underwater, but refuses to make warranty repairs. If you want to take photos […]

Surprise! Smartphones May Make You More Impulsive

Key Takeaways People who spend more time on smartphones tend to reject bigger, delayed rewards in favor of lesser, immediate gains, a new study finds. The study found that participants with less self-control tended to use their phones more. Users […]