Why Digital Privacy Doesn’t End at US Borders

Key Takeaways Civil liberties groups believe warrants should be required for the government to search electronic devices at U.S. airports and other ports of entry. A group of American citizens and a permanent resident claim their rights were violated when […]

Why Affordable 5G Is So Important

Key Takeaways More affordable 5G devices means wider traction for the technology. Getting more people on 5G means more resources can be pulled from old networks and put towards future development. Lowering the price of 5G-capable chipsets benefits more than […]

Why Quantum Computing Advances Raise Privacy Concerns

Key Takeaways Recent advances in quantum computing are raising concerns that breakthroughs could put users’ data at risk.  An international research  team achieved long-distance teleportation through 27 miles of optical fiber, according to a new paper.  One side effect for […]

Microsoft Wants You to Go Passwordless, but Should You?

Key Takeaways Next year, more people should delete their passwords and start using biometric logins like fingerprint scanners, Microsoft said recently.  Microsoft is promoting Windows Hello, a biometrics scanning tool that lets you log in to Windows 10 with your […]

Apple’s Here to Teach You How to Protect Your Privacy

Key Takeaways Apple’s new guide helps to protect your personal safety. Learn how to stop stalkers accessing your location and calendar, and how to tell if your iPhone is compromised. Facebook is terrified that Apple is letting users control their […]

Quantum Computing, Your Privacy, & You

Key Takeaways Recent advances in quantum computing mean the day is coming when your private data could be revealed. Researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China in Hefei have developed a quantum computer that’s 100 trillion times […]

First Coronavirus, Now Ransomware’s Closing Schools

Key Takeaways Students and parents are suffering as school districts are hit by an increasing number of ransomware attacks. Schools are an easy target for hackers because they tend to have poor security. In Baltimore County, Md., schools had to […]

The Top Tech Stories of 2020

Key Takeaways Artificial intelligence is powering many medical innovations targeting COVID-19, including vaccines, tests, and treatments. Zoom and other video services are booming as the world goes remote under pandemic lockdown. Gamers who have more spare time with other entertainment […]

Why the Rescind Ring Movement Wants Ring Endorsements Removed

Key Takeaways More than a dozen civil rights and consumer protection agencies are asking reviewers to “Rescind Ring” due to safety and privacy concerns. Amazon Ring has ties to police departments and has a history of dangerous leaks and hacks. […]

How Cloudflare and Apple Plan to Keep ISPs From Selling Your Browsing Data

Key Takeaways Oblivious DoH is a new standard to encrypt and protect DNS queries. Your ISP might be selling your browsing information. Oblivious DoH would be a great rapper name. Cloudflare Internet security company Cloudflare and Apple have teamed up […]