Samsung Starts Rolling Out Galaxy S20 Android 11 Update on Verizon

Google released Android 11 a few months ago, but the software has only been available on a small number of phones thus far. That’s changing with news that Samsung has started the Android 11 rollout with the Verizon Galaxy S20 […]

Google Uncovers iPhone Exploit That Can Steal Data Over Wi-Fi

Apple liked to talk a big game when it comes to security on the iPhone, but it’s as vulnerable as any other company to unforeseen bugs. Sometimes, these bugs are minor and easy to fix with public disclosure. Other times, […]

Qualcomm’s New Snapdragon 888 Will Power Flagship Android Phones in 2021

Most of the premium Android phones that launch in 2021 will have the latest Snapdragon 888 inside. Qualcomm teased the name of the chip at its Snapdragon Summit yesterday, and now we have all the details. The 888 comes with […]

Android 12 Could Include Major App Compatibility Improvements

Google’s pitch when it launched Android was openness and customization. Unlike Apple, it released its mobile OS under open source licenses, allowing device makers to modify it. This disconnected approach helped Android become the most popular computing platform on Earth, […]

Report: Samsung May Kill Galaxy Note Series, Add Stylus to Galaxy Z Fold3

Samsung may be planning a major shift in its smartphone strategy in 2021. According to a recent analyst report, Samsung may drop the popular Galaxy Note family in favor of a foldable with a stylus. The problem, it seems, is […]