What’s Next for the Mac in 2021?

Key Takeaways Apple plans to switch all its Macs to Apple Silicon chips within two years. The current iMac is due for an update—its design dates back to 2008. This year’s Pro Macs may get a hot-rodded version of the […]

Will CES 2021 Be the Battleground for New Computer Chips?

Key Takeaways Apple’s successful introduction of its custom, in-house Apple Silicon will challenge the fragmented PC market. The battle between Intel and AMD is intensifying, with AMD Ryzen processors coming to many mainstream laptops. Consumers buying a Windows laptop in […]

Dell’s New Monitors Are Made for Remote Work

Key Takeaways Dell’s new monitors have a button just to launch Microsoft Teams. They also feature a built-in camera, speakers, and microphone, and blue-light reduction. In the future, office tech might be more home-office friendly. Dell Dell’s just to launch […]

Never Worry About Ports Again With This Thunderbolt Dock

Key Takeaways The $250 CalDigit TS3+ offers USB, Thunderbolt, Ethernet, power, and more, all via a single cable. It works with any Thunderbolt computer, but is great with Macs. If you have an M1 Mac, you really should consider a […]

These Gadgets Don’t Have an Off Switch, Either

Key Takeaways Apple’s devices have the most confusing power switches ever. Some devices you don’t want to switch off, ever. The U.K. has the most paranoid power plugs ever. Apple The AirPods Pro Max have no on/off button, and the […]

The Potential Future of the Mac

Key Takeaways The current M1 Macs are the fastest Macs ever, but the slowest M1 Macs there will ever be. The current iMac design is 13 years old. We could see 5G, FaceID, and even Apple Pencil support. Apple The […]

How 8GB RAM Overperforms in M1 Macs

Key Takeaways 8GB is plenty for almost all use cases. Only extremely RAM-saturating tasks like 4K video rendering seem to benefit from 16GB RAM. Seriously, it’s fast. Apple Not only are the M1 Macs faster, cooler, and have better battery […]

The Tech We Said Goodbye To In 2020

Key Takeaways Good or bad, some technology can have a significant impact across different industries. Tech like Quibi, the Segway Scooter, the Nintendo 3DS, and more were discontinued in 2020.  Experts attribute their demise to a change in and an […]

How Apple Devices Show HDR Brighter Than Pure White

Key Takeaways Recent Macs, iPhones and iPads can “overdrive” white pixels to extend a display’s dynamic range. HDR movie clips show up as brighter than the pure-white background around them. You’ll need an Apple device with a built-in display to […]

These Apple Accessories Cost More Than They Should

Key Takeaways Apple’s computers and iPhone are competitively priced Its accessories, though, seem picked out of a hat. A very expensive hat. There’s a keyboard that costs more than an iPad, and a case that costs the same as a […]